About Us

BrideBliss is a one-stop-shop for finding, negotiating with, and booking wedding vendors. BrideBliss uses a matching algorithm to replace the manual work of finding suitable vendors, and allows both vendors and couples to initiate contact with ‘matches’, similar to sophisticated dating sites that match couples.

The Founding Story

We are Edisa and Prageeth – a married couple from Melbourne.

When we got married a few years ago, we found wedding planning extremely stressful. Sifting through hundreds of brochures and websites, contacting vendors, comparing quotes and negotiating terms felt almost like a full-time occupation.

Everyone knows wedding planning is stressful? Yes, but does it have to be this way? We didn’t think so! We rolled up our sleeves and decided to do something about it! Our goal: make wedding planning more enjoyable. After all, weddings should be about joy, not stress.

Thus, in 2021, we founded BrideBliss, an intelligent platform that uses machine learning to make the wedding planning process – from research, to discovery to booking – easier. Much easier.

BrideBliss uses an algorithm to match couples with vendors based on a carefully curated questionnaire; facilitates communication through an in-built chat; enables couples to easily compare quotes, and make bookings online.

Edisa & Prageeth

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